Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Week In The Belly of NYC: Sunday dinner.

Usually we'd have roast spuds, gravy and some sort of baked tofu with a field of vegetables on a Sunday, but today dinner was provided by Modagor, St. Mark's Place & 1st, NYC.

Simple but effective: fresh warm bread with houmous and chick peas; avocado, endive, beetroot and tomato salad with a side of pickles and olives.

We had sweet Moroccan mint tea and a Turkish coffee to share after (because Lord knows we have to stay 'on the level' if we ever actually do caffeine.)

We've been going to Mogador for a long time but still the super-speedy no-nonsense service took us by surprise, and the tea was lovely. We didn't think the pot would end.

But end it did, and we went across the street to Puddin', and had a 'mini' sized coconut and chocolate fudge pudding for afters. Stood and ate it in the tiny shop while talking to Clio, the owner, about her English roots and to Tim about his Polish ones. Like Mogador, not a 'vegan place', but like the majority of Manhattan, people with dietary omissions are just simply included...and it isn't a big deal.

Tomorrow we might make Lula's.

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