Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Week In The Belly of NYC: Sacred Chow.

Hot pumpkin wine with ginger, double chocolate stout floater with vanilla ice cream, hard cider.

That is how you start dinner at Sacred Chow, 227 Sullivan Street, NY.

These way-more-interesting-than-usual drinks were followed by the best raw kale we've ever consumed ('massaged' with salt and covered in Dijon mustard - a crispy, salty, oily mystery), and a black olive seitan sandwich with low-key crusty bread. And juicy, strangely fleshy meatballs; Korean tofu cutlets with garlic, ginger and chilli; tofu with dill; root vegetable latkes made of dates with date butter; and barbeque seitan.

Puds were ridiculous with lavender and chocolate cheesecake (like 'eating soap with a bar of chocolate, in a good way') which came with a cumulonimbus of coconut creme fraiche lounging on the top (unfinished but escorted home through St Patrick's Day staggerers in doggy bag).

Sarah stuffed in only two thirds of a peanut butter and chocolate torte, bit delicious, and Jating's heroic consumption of a Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream and that slightly salty bake-sale crust embarrassed us both.

We got all this at
227 Sullivan Street, NY.

...oh and the waiter deserves props for barely being able to conceal his excitement about the food, but holding it down till he got to the lavender cheesecake.

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  1. Both the endorsement for our space, and the photograph are stellar. You've got such a way with words, and it's a pleasure to read them. Very glad you enjoyed your afters (and befores, apparently!); unusual though they be.


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