Wednesday, 6 June 2012

When a chef comes to stay...

Anyone who's ever read this blog previously or any of Inkymole's blog will have read the words, 'Jed Smith' and 'chef'.
Jed is one of those people that lives for his vocation and has the enthusiasm for his vocation as though it was his hobby, d'you know what I mean?!

Jed is currently grafting hard in our kitchen in preperation of having his own 'pop-up restaurant' at our place at the end of this week, see here.
Thus, he has ended up installed in our kitchen prepping, but because he's taken our space, he has ended up 'having' to cook for the 2 vegan residents everyday!!

So, today we ended up eating this for dinner:
Banana bread with chocolate crumbs!

Then this evening, we had:

Cucumber and coriander summer rolls with a little Vietnamese vinegar dipping sauce.

After this Jed chucked the remains of the dipping sauce into this:

 Beet tops and turnip wonton soup.

Then for desert:

Fried banana bread with chocolate crumbs and chocolate ice cream! Oh my Gosh! So dirty.

An unusually restful Jed chows down on his soup and contemplates his next move before his evening work begins.

Dinner with Jed is this weekend, June 8th and 9th, there aren't many places left, but if you're interested, please email ASAP.

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