Sunday, 9 October 2011


Autumn is finally here!

We know this because of three things:

1) I'm wearing a jumper and boots.

2) There's horseradish coming next week.

3) We carried two enormous pumpkins (a Tom Fox and an Atlantic Giant - we think) out of Rickards' farm gate today and dropped them into the back of the car. These are for pumpkin soup for the upcoming show, but we'll be back next Sunday with a few quid to invest in some big beasts for Hallowe'en (we always eat those too!)

We also got a pocketful of their home-grown chillis too, for the soup which always has to have a little bite to it.

In addition, check these carrots, who've been hiding in the ground ready for All Hallow's Eve...

Just thought we'd share the love.
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