Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Working Lunch

Thanks Katherine for the previous blog and WELCOME!
We're looking forward to the contributions.

Katherine is the partner of Graham who works with us at Inkymole / Factoryroad. As I was reading Katherine's introduction, I'd just prepared a super-quick working lunch for us both. This took twenty minutes from pulling the pasta bag open and is cheap as well as being nutritious.

We ate it warm, since we are fortunate to have a kitchen as part of the studio, but equally it would travel in a lunchbox cold OR kept warm in one of these (more on those later. Probably).

This typographic bowl of nutrition is composed of the following!


- 1) Basic pasta - you choose the quantity and shape - we quite like the bunny ones in a terrible visual-food vegan-pun type deal - cooked in filtered water (yep, always tastes better) with one heaped dessertspoon of Marigold Vegan Bouillon. All the flavour you need.
(You CAN get it from supermarkets, but you know how we feel about that...)

Served with

- crumbled vegan cheese we wanted to use up from Christmas.
This one is Cheezily by Heather Mills/MacCartney's company Redwoods, now called VBites and stocked in Holland & Barrett), but we have graduated to Vegusto and Violife brands now.

-  black olives NOT from a tin and not in brine...they tend to be a bit horrid. These are in oil and herbs and bought from the international supermarket in Leicester which sells THE WORLD.

- 2) Sprouted mung beans and green lentils.
YES we know how catastrophically vegan that sounds, but listen up foolz: buy a big bag of dried lentils (yellow, puy, green, whatever you like) and mung beans, soak them in a sprouter (or colander or sieve when you're just starting out and experimenting - more on that here and the subject of a separate blog later on) and you have fresh salad any time of year which keeps in dry storage until you need it and is so grotesquely full of nutrition the iceberg lettuce next to it will be rolling itself off the table edge.

These are served with

a slosh of good olive oil (use Udo's Oil for weapons-grade nutrition)
- Sprinkle of Herbamare
- Good fistful of Engevita nutritional dried yeast - you'll have seen me use this before, but if you are in any doubt, this is one of the Dons of Making Shit Taste Good.

Serve in a bowl with a fork ( the bowl does not necessarily have to be your ABC bowl that you were given when you were one year old.)

Please let it be noted that most of the things in this light lunch are vegan kitchen dry-store staples, and should be invested in without delay if full-on, full-time vegan cooking is to commence. If you find a supplier of one, there is a very good chance they'll supply the others.

I'll list them here again in case you want to copy and paste a list!

Engevita Nutritional Yeast by Marigold
Vegan Organic Bouillon by Marigold
Herbamare seasoning (like salt, but with gentle herb flavours and less sodium)
Duo's Oil
Olive Oil (not hard to find, but to pick a good one, it's worth it!)
Mung Beans

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