Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year; New face.

As the year new dawns in, my new face will be appearing on this blog: bringing a variety of baked vegan treats, vegan dinner ideas and just general excitement about finding tasty vegans eateries in the UK.

So hello! I am Katherine. The field wanderer pictured above. A fellow vegan foodie since April 2014, (and friend of Sarah, obviously, or my presence on this blog would be rather odd.) When I first ditched the dairy, as I’d been veggie before, I heard the whispers of “What will you eat now?” and “so what do you eat?” It seems that everyone else had forgotten the mass variety of beans pulses, vegetables, flours, rices, pasta, dairy alternatives, nuts, fruits and everything else that has not been part of, or inside an animal.

If anything, going vegan really opened my eyes to the food I was putting in my chops. I became aware of a much wider variety of foods available and more interested in cooking, which I guess you need to be as there is a surprising amount of food that contains dairy that you don’t expect. Finding little places that actually cater to my dietary needs makes me so much more enthralled then before!
Food wise I am a big fan of most things tomato based, with basil or an Italian slant- pesto, pasta, yum. But with a Northern other half, I have an eye out for anything coated in pastry, comforting stews, a good old pie, and maybe one day between us we shall be able to fulfil his wishes for the ultimate vegan pork pie!

Obviously, I also love cake. Who doesn’t? It may not love us, but damn cake is good! Flapjacks, puddings, muffins, cupcakes, tray bakes, ice-cream too. Anything sweet I love. Since going vegan my biggest frustration has been the lack of cake available in shops- you know when you just fancy something sweet and amazingly awful for you and the local Supermarket has nothing but biscuits? It’s disappointing. I am determined this year too shall be the time to find a great clotted cream alternative so I can enjoy a summer of quintessentially English cream teas.

Mum must have picked up on it, because after asking for a Vegan cupcake book she supplied me a selection of sweet baking books, which I endeavour to scour through and sample a variety of sweet delicacies. A hoard of dairy free chocolate presents is a sign to me that I should try some more chocolatey based treats- I miss bounty bars so much, and I have a crunchy vegan style idea in mind…

There it is, my introduction. Hopefully it gives a flavour (‘cuse the pun) of what might be appearing on this blog space: tasty treats, restaurant recommendations, awesome vegan shopping choices, recipes reviews and much more. Happy 2015, and happy eating!

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