Monday, 19 August 2013

Hot-Ass Marrow Soup

Hello again. It's marrow time!

As you will know, I don't usually stick to recipes except for basics like cake and pastry, but here is what I do to use up these delicious swollen green members.
For the Bread Recipe...see the next post.

- Clean and chop a well-endowed marrow into good inch cubes, ish.

- Fry in bottom of big-ish saucepan in plenty of olive oil till browned

- When browned gently add boiled water, and a stacked tablespoon of vegetable bouillon.
Add chopped herbs to your taste - sage, a little thyme and oregano are good.
Add fresh black pepper.

- For my own recipe, fresh fine chopped lovage is essential!

- Add any other greens you've got lying around - chopped green beans, that bit of cabbage that's gone a bit manky.
Cook till real soft, topping up with water as you need to (but the vegetables will chuck out plenty of their own).

- Stir in a good cupful of Engevita (delicious yeast-flakes). This adds thickness and creaminess with neither the tyranny of dairy nor the gluten-bulge of flour.

- Taste, and add more salt/bouillon and black pepper if required.

- At this stage, stir in the garlic paste and chilli - to taste, but we tend to be generous!

- Continue cooking for a bit. When all vegetables are cooked right through and a bit mushy, turn off and leave to chill.

- When cold, put through blender and leave some chunks if you like.

- Put some in Tupperware for freezing and scoff the rest once re-heated! Especially good on the second and third days.

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