Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dirty Sangers.

Round here, Dirty Sangers describes a sandwich so good it's rude. One that gives you a boner. One you hope to repeat but there's no guarantee you ever will.

I'm sure even now people hear the phrase 'vegan sandwich' and picture a dry, brown layering of dust and earnestness with a side serving of smugness. We're here to tell you they can be lustful and wet, engorged with fillings and dressings and encased in fat, fresh bread. Usually home-made, just to give you that hint of expected smugness which is then smacked off your face by the moistness inside.

The trick is go with 'plenty'. Of everything. And keep it moist - olive oil, or lots of marge; more tomatoes than feels decent, or a vegan mayonnaise (Plamil's packaging is terrible, but the mayo is good - don't let it put you off). Hoummus - don't just show it the jar, smear it on like, well, like inch-thick hoummus on a sandwich. Our brand is San Amvrosia. Commercial sandwich makers, even cafes and restaurants, can be terrified of over doing the content, and that's where they go wrong. You need to be armed and dangerous with not just the main filling, but the moistness around it. If it's a hot sandwich, Brown or Ketchup, or Reggae Reggae sauce (which is vegan) is a fine mush to add.

Here are a couple of our recent ones. That's mayonnaise AND ketchup on the top one. Shame you can't taste or smell them. We did, they they were good.

Madeleine is wearing a Good Life Spicy Bean Quarterpounder with Chipotle Chilis, sliced gherkins, mushrooms, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomatoes.

Josephine sports a half-inch think slice or three of Redwood's Cheezly (yes, cringe at the name, weep at the obscene mouth-feel of the fat and salt). mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow pepper.

Other sandwiches we like are:

- Peanut butter and jelly (jam, if you're English)
- Fake bacon by Redwood's with mushrooms and onions and ketchup
- Sliced fake beef (don't worry, we're not obsessed with the whole fake meat shizzle, but it does sometimes come in handy) with lettuce and real mustard (Taylors)
- Chilli peanut butter
- Marmite, cheese (Cheezly) and Engevita - a salty B-vitamin orgy
- Classic cheese and onion

* We'll add to this as we go along. Sandwich updates to come.*

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